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Hubert Ertl: Cross-national Attraction in Education

The comparison and borrowing of national policies is a widespread phenomenon in all major policy areas. In education, the PISA study has resulted in a renewed interest in cross-national comparison and reception of policies. In particular, the unexpectedly low results of Germany in the PISA study have sparked increased interest in educational policies and practice elsewhere. The chapters cover a wide variety of educational sectors: vocational education and training, preparation for career choice, citizenship education, secondary and higher education, teacher training and language learning policy. These chapters are framed by more general accounts of the influence of foreign educational reform on national reform agendas and the German reaction to the results of the PISA study. This book provides insights into educational policy formation and implementation of policies into educational practice in England and Germany from a comparative perspective, and is aimed at academics, students, policy makers and the wider public with an interest in the latest developments in the long-standing mutual interest in educational matters in the two countries.

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